Welcome to Baur Contract Management

_Mission: Baur Contract Management is based directly in Frankfurt Germany and fully supports overseas businesses in any contract preparation and administration for the purchase or sale of materials, products or services.

We provide the localized knowledge for legal, technical and commercial business practice required in any business operation during all stages of any German based business process.

Our speciality is contract management. We can give you full local support, when preparing, negotiating and administering contracts between German, European and overseas customers. Our service can improve the efficiency of your German based business in a numbers of ways:

  • We have fast access to local practice, laws and procedures
  • We can reduce time for contract implementation
  • We provide advice on delivery schedules and cost estimates
  • We provide an immediate service – no waiting time for specialists
  • We have access to a large contact network for alternative suppliers and can offer experienced advice on alternative bidding
  • We offer a fully developed contract analysis process
  • We make contracts easy to understand – and transparent – for both parties – whatever the language
  • We follow up and offer support during all stages of the contract administration until delivery

You benefit from our support at all stages during your business process.

All the contract management processes are the accepted local business practices, ensuring that your lines of business follow the rules and you are fully within the local/European best practice.

_Baur Contract Management. Clarifies business facts.

Tobias Baur   Tobias Baur