_ Baur Contract Management supports the implementation of your contract structure which will contribute to the success of your company. This involves most of the departments along the supply chain within a company. For your company, we support the following functions:

  • Purchasing: Suppliers, partners, agents
  • Legal Department: e.g. KonTraG, Sarbanes Oxley Act or Basel II, company guidelines
  • Management: development and optimization of internal control system, cost-reductions, calculable contract risks
  • Controlling: Risk assessment of existing contract relationships
  • Revision: Audit-ability of existing contracts, transparency of all contract processes
  • Sales: customers

We provide:

_Contract management
Providing an advisory service to all business units, particularly sales and project management, in the creation, evaluation, negotiation of different types of contract, e.g. service contracts, outsourcing contracts, works contracts, real estate agreements.

_Risk management
Clear, practice-oriented, minimum-risk agreements that also take the interests of the contract partner into consideration are essential to any successful company. The contractual risks need to be worked out, presented in a transparent manner and evaluated in order to minimize any risks (e.g. specification of the services provided) or to safeguard any existing risks (e.g. adequate insurance protection).

_Process management
An effective contract creation process is indispensable to any company. However, this process needs to be understood, analyzed regularly and modified if necessary to ensure that guidelines are followed and to generate maximum transparency.

_Claim management
Support for the order processing/project team during the handling and evaluation of complaints/claims, whether connected to warranty, guarantee, default or other requirements of the contract partner.

_Communication management
All areas of the company (in particular the back office / project team) should be included in all phases of contract creation – even at a very early stage. This is important to ensure an overall cross-functional understanding of the contract and service offered. The main components are discussed in the run-up to the fulfilment of the contract, thus eliminating any conflicts that may arise. The good communication network will actively support this process.